Something to say on my birthday

To me, every new year to April is the fastest time of the year.
In January I told myself: it’s Ok, you are still the same age.
And within a blink, it’s my birthday.
To be honest, I just wanted to treat it as a normal day,
curled up in a corner and waited for it to pass.
And I got to be asked again…
Please tell me where to get these things.
I was once young and naive
But it’s been many years after 30, and I’m still living.
To myself, and to you who would get a little moody on your birthday.

Something I’ve learned recently

I’ve been running my Wechat account ( A Chinese social media platform) for over 3 months now. If I learned anything, it’s the importance of the titles. You pour your heart and soul into your content, and you use your life to come up the titles.


And here is how the most popular accounts write their titles:






How I turned into a salt fish when giving birth

Hello! Just finished translating and editing this comic. It’s the longest one I’ve made so far and very special to me.

Before we start, I want to give big Thanks to Sarah Birgé( @SarahHBirge) and Deb Anholt for proofreading the comic and teaching me English. I’m happy to have met kind people like you. 🙂

Please enjoy.