Something’s happening on Facebook

I haven’t been updating my Facebook frequently lately. But somehow this comic exploded on it.


I thought it was a cute comic but didn’t expect it to appeal to so many people. I truly hope people don’t treat their second kids as in the comic 😛

To be honest, I almost gave up doing English comics because it’s just too hard for me to write well. I constantly got criticized for my bad spelling and grammar. A the end of last year, I decided to switch my focus on the Chinese audience, creating comics in mainly Chinese. I opened a Wechat account ( the most popular social media platform in China) and have been updating there mostly. It is at ease to write in my mother language, the audiences are a bit different from the English ones, but are mostly warm and familiar. Once a while when I had time, I translated them into English and posted them here and other English social media.

But This got me thinking… Maybe my English isn’t so bad, maybe I do have an audience in the English speaking world. Who knows?

I guess I will keep making comics and translating, keep posting, and see how it goes.







3 thoughts on “Something’s happening on Facebook

  1. Hey, Wonn, just so you know, people upset about language make a small minority. They’re loud… just need to learn to ignore them. Since there’s little to no censoring on western media, I imagine all widely successful english-speaking webcomic artists need to have thick skin for charlatans like that

    And it’s clear many, many more people love what you write. It looks like that post sent viral on Facebook, which is really cool! Going viral isn’t guarnteed every time of course. But I think your overall quality is very high!

    I found your blog page myself last month. You’ve got a fun and interesting voice in your work and it’s a joy to read. Keep up with it! Especially if you keep updates at a regular pace, I bet you could get a loyal following.


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