Birth Order Matters




My “Opposite” Child


About the shoe thing, I used to think because the kids can’t tell left and right yet, they just randomly put them on. But if it’s random, they have a 50% chance of putting them on right. However, based on my observation, they are 100% wrong. It means that they have thought about it and always choose the wrong shoe. Why is that?

Oh, did you know that babies see things upside down?

Not sure if they are related. Hello, scientists who are reading this.

One Year

I made this comic on the last day of 2016:


It was a difficult year for me in 2016. The kids were young, my husband was working all the time, I was juggling work and family, my health issues… I wanted to joke about my frustrations in this comic, and it shows.

My 2017 was also challenging. However, difficulties and setbacks do make you grow. Looking back, I’m thankful for life and time.

And here is my comic for my 2017:


Wish your new year is better than the old one, my friends.